Researched by Faye Bell (SLC) 2013


            In the research for an obituary for Oscar and Lulu Austin, it was ‘data blocked’ as no birthdates nor were death dates inscribed on the marker.  It was known that Oscar was a Civil War veteran by the ‘old timers’ in the area.  However, there were innumerable Oscar Austins that turned up in routine census checks and none lived in Wyoming.  There was at one time (and again it is difficult as there seem to be no records of births and dates) but an Albert Austin and his wife Nancy Austin lived in the Ten Sleep precinct in 1900 (1900 U.S. Census) and he was born in Maine.  He was 53 and Nancy was 45 in 1900. [1]


            What has that to do with Oscar and Lulu?  Hoping to find a connection and ultimately roots for them, pursuit of Albert Austin was carried on.  Civil War records included both Albert Austin (a member of the 3rd Maine Infantry and Oscar as a soldier born in New York.  In fact, there were three listing for a NY born Oscar Austin in infantry, etc.         To further complicate matters, there is a strange coincidence in names that can’t be proved.  It is: on Dec. 28, 1922, Oscar Austin married Lulu Pritchard, Rowan, N.C. (Also, two census records (1860 and 1870) show Oscar Austin at home with his sister Luella Austin which causes concern that the name may not be Lulu at all but Luella and they may have been brother and sister at the time they decided to have lots in the T.S. cemetery). 


            In my research for individuals, I found Elizabeth Buckle’s (interred in T.S. cemetery) husband Robert Buckle buried in Riverview Cemetery with no dates.  But later I found him interred in a Bend, Oregon cemetery and not in Worland as shown on their records.  They were notified of the error.  So I checked the records at Riverview and found Albert and Agnes Austin buried there.  (Nancy is a nickname for Agnes in the 19th century.)  Both graves indicate neither birthdates nor death dates!  {This information will be forwarded to Riverview Cemetery as well as T.S.}.  We now know, however, from this search that Albert was 53 in 1900 which makes him born in 1847 and 13 at the start of the Civil War and Nancy (Agnes) 45 in 1900 which makes her born in 1855.


            Further research lists Albert Austin born 1st of June 1898 in Kansas, died 1 January 1979 in Worland, WY (age 80) (that doesn’t coincide with the birthdates calculated above leaving more questions about THIS Albert Austin!) and the fact that his wife, Agnes Austin born 12 Aug 1894 died in January 1985 in Worland, WY (age 90).  Riverview Cemetery will need to investigate and see which Albert and Agnes Austin these individuals are and consider the likelihood of two couples named Albert and Agnes Austin.           This research has been hampered by lack of concrete evidence of birth date and birthplace of both individuals.  This researcher intends to continue the search for Oscar and Lulu but felt a report should be made this date (5 May 2013).

[1] The Alina files turned up one entry on Austin and that was Lydia Austin—no known connection.