Researched and Compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2012


            Milton A Alexander was born in Missouri In September 1860 (1900 Census).  In U.S. census 1880, he was living in Bethany, Harrison, MO and employed as a farm worker.  He was working horses on the Cherokee Strip in Oklahoma for awhile and at that time and in the Ten Sleep vicinity his nickname was “Injun”. [Paul Frison’s book “Grass Was Gold” 1970]   By 1900, he was living on Spring Creek, Bighorn, WY (39 years of age) and still single.  Between that date and 1903 he married his wife Myra G and their first son Leroy Alexander was born.  In 1904 their second son, Guy Alexander was born—both on Spring Creek, Bighorn Co., Wyoming.  In 1910 Milton is shown as a prisoner at Rawlins, Carbon County, WY and is 49 years old, his family are located in Washakie County, WY (Election District 3).  Milton served time for his involvement in the Spring Creek raid of 1910—cattlemen versus sheepmen in the Spring Creek area.  He returned to live with his wife in Election District 3(Ten Sleep), Washakie, WY in 1930.  He passed away in 1931.



Ref: Paul Frison’s book above-mentioned has quoted several conversations with Milton Alexander and might be of interest to Alexander genealogists. Fb