Albert W Anderon circa 1923




(Researched by Faye V Bell, SLC)


††††††††††† Albert W Anderson was born April 7, 1856 in Reddick, Lewis County, Missouri, the son of Samuel W (born in Ohio) and Elizabeth (born in Ohio).In the 1880 Federal Census he was still unmarried, but by 1900 his wife, Hettie L and he had been married 16 years and lived in Labella, Lewis County, Missouri, making his marriage to Hettie approximately 1884.(It is safe to assume that he was married in Missouri, as well.)By this time, had a son Rainie (Rouse as Ten Sleep residents know him indicating the indexer misread the census). His son was 7 years old and born in 1893.There were two sisters: Mattie and Isa Anderson.


††††††††††† In 1910 Rouse (then 17) lived in Highland, Lewis, MO and in 1920, Rouse (27) was listed on the Election District #3, Washakie County as a single man.His parents were still living in Highland, Lewis County, MO.The Federal Census for 1930 indicates that Albert Anderson (Albert W) is widowed and still living in Highland, Lewis County, MO.


††††††††††† Albertís son, Rouse W Anderson, had been living in Wyoming and specifically in Washakie County for 20 yearsby 1940.According to Gene Anderson, son of Rouse, Rouse went to Missouri and brought his father to Ten Sleep where he passed away on the 26 July 1940.


Northern Wyoming Daily News July 30, 1940