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Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2012



            Zula Anderson was born in 1905 to Bert and Mabel Jacobs Arnold of Ten Sleep, WY.  She married Rouse W Anderson 4 June 1925 and the couple had 5 children: Robert, Gene, Shirley, James and Sally (Pat).  Her maternal grandparents were Lewis and Stella Jacobs and her father, Bert Arnold, owned and operated a blacksmith shop in the middle of the town until he retired.  She and Rouse bought into the farming business outside Ten Sleep East on Highway #16 and carried on with farming until about 1957 when they moved to Ten Sleep proper.  Two of their sons continued farming, bought into another small area in the Ten Sleep Canyon and were diligent, worthwhile sons and heirs.  Zula and Rouse enjoyed Masonic and Methodist member association and were actively involved in the education system as Rouse served on the School Board and Zula supported him.  Her two oldest sons served in the military and her daughters were educated and held responsible, professional positions of employment.   She passed away in 1979.



Memories:  Zula was dignified and strong willed, anxious to be an example of industry and integrity and was exemplary in both areas.  She never deviated from a once-proven behavior or style:  i.e., she always wore her dark hair in a short bob and she remained a steady, well preserved figure in the community.  Fb


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