7-1925 Alva Bert Arnold

Alva Bert Arnold 



Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2012


Alva “Bert” Arnold was born in Illinois, his father was from Ohio and his mother from Maryland in 1881 as per cemetery record (as per 1910 census he was 27 then).  He settled in Ten Sleep, Wyoming before 1904 when he married Mabel Altha Jacobs, daughter of Lew and Stella Jacobs in Buffalo, WY 1903.    A description of Bert Arnold by Hugh Knoefel published in the Northern Daily News April 4, 1971 gives the following:


            Arnold was born on a farm near Chariton, Iowa in 1882.  He arrived in Casper about the turn of the 20th century, and obtained a job with a string-team freight outfit.   He helped lay track for the railroad as it approached the Big Horn Basin.   Further, he set up his blacksmith shop in Ten Sleep in the early 20s and by 1937, he constructed a brick building where the blacksmith shop had been and became a grocer for the town.   His children numbered 5:  Zula, Effa, William T, Glen and Alta Arnold.   Bert Arnold passed away in 1945 according to cemetery records.



Memories of Hugh Knoefel:   The ‘village blacksmith’: “He, too, was a large man, heavily muscled and strong from years of handling freighting teams and the tools that were a part of his trade.  Standing nearly at six feet tall, he had blond hair and wore a mustache….ruddy complexion.”  “Arnold was honest to the nth degree.”



Bert Arnold obituary


Bert Arnold in blacksmith shop circa 1921 copy