Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2012



            Mabel Altha Jacobs was born in Nebraska in December 1887 (1889?) to Lewis and Stella Jacobs.  She moved with her parents to Wyoming when she was still a child.  The Jacobs family homesteaded on Spring Creek at that time.  Lew Jacobs was a freighter and Bert Arnold was a young jerkline teamster when she met him.  She married Bert in Buffalo in 1903 and the two became a well-known addition to the community.  Mabel was a very diligent woman and according to Hugh Knoefel (Northern Wyoming Daily News 1971) she was also very attractive.  The couple had five children:  Zula, Effa, William T, Glen and Alta.  After Bertís death, she moved to Montana to be with her son and was helping him load sheep (at the age of 74) when a sheep bounded from the truck and struck and fatally injured her.  She passed away in 1961 in Montana.




Memories:  I recall that she had a garden between the Millard Moses residence on main street and the Sweeney house.  It was very large and required endless hours of weeding, irrigating, harvesting, but Mabel was equal to it and was always there in her dress and apron tending her garden.  Her curly, dark hair never seemed to gray like other peopleís.  She seemed to stay unchanged.  Fb