­­­­7-1925 Chalmer Arnold







Researched and Compiled by Faye Bell(SLC) 2013



            Chalmer Davis Arnold was born 28 December 1888 to David and Emma Davis Arnold in Chariton, Iowa.  He married Alta Davidson, daughter of Myrtle and Austin Davidson [Iowa State Census 1836-1925].  The couple had three children before 1917 when he registered for WWI draft.  According to the description given him on the draft registration June 1917, he was medium built and medium height with brown hair and eyes.  He claimed three children and a wife as dependents.   The U.S. 1930 census shows that those three were: Clifford, Helen, and Marjorie.  The fourth child, Leonold Arnold was born in 1922.  In and around the late 1930’s, Chalmer D Arnold came to Ten Sleep, Washakie County, WY; his brother, Alva Bert Arnold resided in Ten Sleep and Chalmer lived there until he passed away.  His son, Lee Arnold (Leonold) spent some time with him and was with his father in Ten Sleep in the 1940 Fed. U.S. census.




Memories:  I was enamored by the possibility of being a butterfly collector.  I had seen “Girl of the Limberlost” movie and I wanted to be like the girl named Eleanor.  I consulted with Mary Tully Fehlberg because it was her hobby.  I got a net and went out into the world of butterflies and found myself at Chalmer Arnold’s where he invited me into his garden and showed me a hummingbird.   You cannot capture a hummingbird, it will tear the net to pieces.  It scared me when it thrashed so violently, but Chalmer Arnold was the epitomie of kindness and I didn’t feel silly.  I have not forgotten his kind face. I noticed, too, he always wore suntans not denim.   Fb