BELL, GEORGE A.-Wyoming death list

Wyoming Tribune no. 52 February 08, 1904, page 7 Cheyenne

Wyoming Tribune no. 61 February 18, 1904, page 3 Cheyenne

Wyoming Death List

Bell-George Bell at Hyattville, Big Horn County


Basin Republican no. 4 June 07, 1906, page 1 Ten Sleep Items

Dr. Walker and Mrs. Bell came down to decorate Mr. Bellís grave.


NOTE. George A. Bell was born in Indiana, October 1867. The wife of George was Blanch M. Bell.She was born in Iowa, October 1879. In the 1900 census, they were married three years with no kids in Ten Sleep, Wyoming.George and Blanch Bell had at least one child, Irene Bell born in 1902 before he dies in 1904. Blanch remarries to the good Doctor in 1907.They are in the 1910 census as George W. and Blanch Walker, Irene Bell and George W. Walker Jr.


Basin Republican no. 38 February 01, 1907, page 5 Paintrock News Items (Hyattville)

The Paint Rock Library Association met last Saturday and elected the following officers for the ensuing year:A. S. Mercer Jr., President; Mrs. R. Baldwin, Vice President; Miss Blanch M. Bell, Secretary: Mrs. J. B. Gapen, Treasurer.This library was started three years ago.Dr. G. W. Walker being the principal contributor of money toward it.People stopping in Hyattville have an opportunity to occupy their time profitably.


NOTE. Blanch and the doctor moved to Fresno California 1920, 1930 census.


NOTE. There is no apparent George A. Bell connection with the following story, except that it is published in Worland and shows newspaper humor of the day. Several other George Bells were born in Wyoming and can be found in early 1900 censuses in the state.

Worland Grit no. 25 June 13, 1918, page 3

George A. Bell


Camp Upton, L.Upton's" mountain of flesh," George Bell, rises above the scenery of the camp, 7 feet 11 inches.

†† He is the only soldier in the world who sleeps in twin beds.

†† "Seven-eleven," the boys call Bell, and the negroes of the vicinity beg him to follow them to the crap games for luck.

†† George is well proportioned, and there is nothing to cause his rejection for physical reasons. When he came it was necessary to put in a requisition for special furniture for him to sleep in.