Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2013



            John Blakesley was born 1882 in Kansas (as per U.S. 1920 census) the brother of James H Blakesley and living in Worland, WY in Election District No. 1.  He was unmarried.  I believe it was John Blakesley that actually lived in Ten Sleep for an extended period of time and, in some way, had a rather permanent connection with Mr. Brochaw who owned the Ten Sleep Inn before Mr. Kennamen (sp) bought it from Brochaw.   He passed away in 1958 according to his cemetery marker.


This is sketchy I realize but there is a very dim trail to follow and the Blakesley men were, though not unfriendly, somewhat left to themselves.  My personal thought is that they wished to be so.  fb