Researched and compiled by Faye V Bell (SLC) 2014

                  Benjamin L Bader was born 8 April 1874 in Wisconsin to Ben and Ann Williams Bader.  His father was from New York and his mother from Wales.  In 1885 the family were comprised of: Archie Bader, Ben, Eva, John, Mela M, Merton, Mina and William –these were the children.  Another man by the name of Hemp S (age 52) was also living with them and they were in Willowdale, Holt, Nebraska.  All the children but Merton and Archie were born in Wisconsin.  Those two siblings were born in Nebraska.  In 1940 Ben is shown as single, his profession sheep shearer and he had an  8th grade education and was 64 years of age.  He made $500 per year and worked 26 weeks annually.  Ben passed away on the  13 November 1948 in Ten Sleep.


Remarks:  I believe Hemp S is really the father as I have seen his name misinterpreted before, but, of course, the relationships were not given in the 1885 Nebraska census.  Fb


Taken from 'A History of Washakie County: As Written by Its People.  Ann Williams Bader, pages 24-26. 1976 – Alex Ogg


   Benny came to Wyoming in 1896 with his mother and two brothers, Archie and Merton.  He was the proverbial black sheep of the family and was considered somewhat of a "dandy".  No 'son of soil', he became a barber and during his off hours was a professional gambler and bar tender.  Many years he lived in Thermopolis.  At one time during his erotic career he operated a road house at the old stage station on Birdseye Pass before the highway was built through Wind River Canyon.  During affluent periods, he flashed diamond stick pins and rings, but like a bad penny always returned home when ill luck overtook him.  He was one of the pioneers in the use of hair dyes and periodically dressed his hair with "Color Black", a product from Clint, Texas, profusely advertised over the radio.  It looked like shoe blacking but effectively shined and dyed his hair.  Three or four times he was married.  His first wife was Zella M. Scribire.  They were married May 22, 1904 and spent several years in California.  Ben died in 1948 and is buried in Ten Sleep.


Benjamin L. Bader could not be found in the 1900 or the 1910 US Census.


World War I Draft Registration Card lists Benjamin Linden Bader, age 44 and born April 8, 1874, living in San Francisco, CA.  Benjamin's occupation is listed as barber.  His nearest living relative is listed as his wife, Nellie Bader of San Francisco, CA.  Benjamin is described as medium height, medium build, with brown eyes and brown hair.  Card was signed Sept. 12, 1918.  The Nellie Bader listed in this census is probably the same person as Zella M. Scribire that Ben married in 1904.


1920 US Census lists Ben L. Bader, age 44 and born in Wisconsin, living in Sunnyvale, CA with his wife Nellie, age 38 and born in NE.  This census lists Ben's occupation as hotel proprietor.  Ben's father is listed as being born in Michigan and his mother as being born in Wales.


1930 US Census lists Ben L. Bader, age 42 and born in Wisconsin, living in San Francisco, CA with his wife Loraine Bader, age 29 and born in Nevada.  Ben's occupation is listed as operating a barber shop.  Ben's father is listed as being born in Wisconsin and his mother as being born in Wales.  This census indicates that Ben was 39 when he was first married and that Loraine was 29 when she was first married, suggesting that Ben and Loraine were married in about 1929 or 1930.


Note that Ben appeared to be getting younger with each 10-year census and this may be why he used hair dyes to color his hair.


Marriage records added 8/22/2015 by Fred Drake:

Bader, Benjamin L Bader, Loraine Bet. 1929–1930 Spouse - Ongoing

Bader, Benjamin L Brahm, Alida Zetta 1902 Spouse - Ongoing

Bader, Benjamin L Scribire, Zella M 22 May 1904 Spouse - None