Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2014



Fred L Bader was born January 1, 1870.He was the son of Benjamin Bader and Ann Williams (Wales)TheU.S. census reports continuously say thathe was born in Wisconsin.His siblings were John, Helen, Eva, Millicent, Mable, Mina, Benjamin L, William W., Archie R, and Merton Chester.††† On the 28th March1905 he married Ethel M Daugherty and by 1910 census they had children Vivian, Beryl and Fay .Fay died at the age of 2 years and later the family added Paris, Beatrice,Maurine and Ethel (junior),and Fred.The family list themselves as farmers and were well known in the Ten Sleep area.Vivian married Jack Whaley, Beryl married Mildred Misolmelius Caines (widow of Philip Caines), Beatrice married Albert Kirkpatrick (1) and at the time of her motherís death, she was Beatrice Berry (2), Maurine married Delbert Hollcroft.†† Fred L Bader passed away on December 7, 1950.He was preceded in death by his son Fay in 1912.


Memories:His daughters had dignity and beauty and his son Beryl was well received by the orphans of Philip Caines and well regarded in the Hyattville area as well as the Ten Sleep vicinity. fb



Newspaper Date: 11/8/1950