Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2012


            Minnie Baugh was born in Tennessee (one source says Kentucky) in 1864 and married Mr. Frank (her husbandís name has not been found) prior to 1889.   Her maiden name has not been found.   In the 1900 Federal Census she had sons Willard (not William) and George Frank, a daughter Minnie,  and a daughter Mable B. She married again in 1894 to Harry S Baugh and the couple had 2 sons Joseph and David Baugh and one daughter, Elizabeth (Babe) Baugh.  In 1900 they were living in the Baugh household in Walden, Larimer County, Colorado.  In 1920 they were in Whalen, Fergus, MT.  By 1930 the Baughs were in Ten Sleep, Washakie County; son David Baugh and wife Lutie plus their son Willard and Minnie Frank Dron, her husband Tony and daughter Theodora also lived in Ten Sleep, Washakie County, WY.  At one period of time, George Frank from her first marriage lived with Minnie Baugh.  She passed away after two grandchildren in their toddler years had already tasted of death: Theodore H Dron [d. 1928] (son of Minnie Dron) and Kathleen Compton [1933] {daughter of Elizabeth (Babe) Baugh}.  She died in 1946.


Errata:  on Minnie Dronís obit, her brother Willard Frank is misnamed William Frank.


Memories:  Mrs. Baugh lived to the north of the Ten Sleep school grounds on the corner of the alleyway that leads to the Teacherage and across the street from the former Florence Harvard house.   Mrs. Baugh was quiet and reserved.  fb