Emma Jane Prosser Beckley



Memories summited by Barbara Chaney Beckley - 2014

Henry Simmons Beckley and Emma Jane Prosser Beckley were married June 30, 1886 in Hickory County, Missouri by a Justice of the Peace.  Emma was 17 years old and Henry was 25.  My father, Herbert L. Beckley, used to tell the story of his parents, Henry and Emma, who eloped riding horses, Emma riding side-saddle and Emma’s father, Thomas Prosser following in hot pursuit.  They obviously out rode him and enjoyed 45 years of marriage and raised a family of 9 children, all surviving to adulthood.


The pictures below are thought to be Emma Jane Beckley and her son Thomas Edward Beckley, also a page from the Beckley Bible but some years in the bible are not completely accurate.