Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2013



            Alma Lina Ike was born 10 May1894 to Bernheil Ike in Washington State (no known site).   Bernheil Ike and his daughter seemed to have been unrecorded publicly between her birthdate and her marriage to Edward T Beckley of Washakie County, WY.  On his draft registration in 1917 he reports that he is married.  Their only child was a daughter named Alma Jane Beckley born in Wyoming in 1923.  The Beckleys lived on the upper Nowood essentially for the time of their marriage.   She and Ed adopted a son ca.  1940/1941 named Patrick Morris.   Alma was active in Nowood social clubs, the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars, auxiliary).  She attended school functions both for Alma Jane and for Patrick, their adopted son; she was unfailingly cheerful and of good report.  She passed away in 1961.



Memories:  I became acquainted with Alma Beckley when she joined the auxiliary of the VFW and met with many other local women as mothers, wives and sisters of the veterans of foreign wars.  She was entitled to it, I believe, through her adopted son Pat who joined the military about 1944/5.  She knew that I sewed dresses for my three little daughters by hand so she brought me her treadle machine about 1960 and it was a great help to me!  I will always be grateful to Alma Beckley for sharing with me.  When I knew her she had white hair and very large dark eyes.  She dressed well and carried herself well—in retrospect, a very good-looking older woman.  fb