Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2013


            Edward Beckley was born 13 Feb 1891 in Springfield, MO (as per his WW I draft registration) to Henry Symonds and Emma Beckley (see Henry S Beckley obituary).  In 1900, the Henry Beckley family had residence in North Campbell, Greene County, MO.  In order of their respective births, the Henry Beckley family consisted of Elizabeth, Ralph, Mable, Edward T, Donald, Herbert and George Dewey Beckley.  In 1917 his draft registration was officially Wyoming.  The description read that he was of medium height and weight with brown eyes and red hair.  The 1920 census indicates that he was married to Alma Ike born in Washington State, daughter of Bernheil Ike, who was also in residence with the Beckleys.  Mr. Ike was divorced at that time and the Beckleys were in Big Trails and upper Nowood area.  As a farmer and freighter, Ed Beckley kept his livelihood and it appeared that they had little additional help.  In 1923, their only child, Alma Jane joined them. By 1940-41, they had adopted Patrick Morris—a 12 year old -- (known after that as Pat Beckley).  In 1961, Alma Beckley preceded him in death; Ed Beckley died in September of 1968.



Memories:  Ed Beckley was a very energetic man carrying his farming needs essentially alone except for the times that Bernheil Ike and Pat, their adopted son, resided with them.  When Pat Beckley became a member of the armed forces in the 1940’s, they appeared to be alone with minimum assistance. Ed attended most public functions and those connected with the Ten Sleep school system.  He seemed always to be “of good cheer.”  Fb