Researched and Compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2012


            George A Boyd was born in Missouri in April 1893 to Thomas and Isabella Green Boyd.  He was the oldest of their children of four: George A, Mary A, Anna M and Hugh J. Boyd.  In 1900 the family was in Washington, DeKalb, MO; the 1900 Census shows Thomas widower and both of George’s parents born in Canada.  In the 1910 U.S. Census George was 27, Single and a hired man for James Mayes in Dallas, DeKalb,  Mo.  According to Missouri Marriage Records, 1805-2002, George married Lucy O Tucker 28 January 1915 in Maysville, DeKalb, MO.  In 1920 the two of them lived in Dallas, DeKalb, MO and rented their home.  By 1930 the couple was in Hall, Lincoln, NE and a widower known as George Knapp lived with them.  [This is interesting because George’s sister Anna married a man named George Knapp although it may not be the same man as the lodger with George and Lucy in 1930.]   In the 1940’s the two Missourians had found their way to Ten Sleep and were managing the Ten Sleep Drug Store together.  George passed away in 1947.  The couple had no children.  However, George’s brother Hugh J and his sister Anna M Knapp both moved to Ten Sleep and they all lived on the same block.



Memories:  George was about 5’10 and slight of build.  He made wonderful root beer floats and ice cream sodas.  The high school girls met there almost every night after school. It was sad when they discovered that George had tuberculosis and could no longer work in the public serving food.  Fb