The following was researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2012


            Hugh Jamison Boyd was born December 1893 in Stewartsville, MO (WWI Registration Card dated June 1917) to Thomas and Isabella Green Boyd—both parents from Canada.   His birth date comes from Social Security death notice.   He had one brother, George A, and two sisters—Mary A and Anna M Boyd.   He was single during WW I and served as a private in the Infantry.  The data from the WWI Reg. card show him to be tall, medium weight, light blue eyes and dark brown hair.  Hugh J Boyd joined his brother in Ten Sleep by 1947/48.  He never married.  His sister Anna Boyd Knapp lived on the same street as he did.  He passed away in May 1972.



Memories:  Hugh J Boyd loved little children and teased my small son by calling him “Butch”.  I never saw Hugh but what he was pleasant and even jolly.  He never seemed to be a lonely man.  I think Bob Wood (little Butch) will never forget Hugh Boyd.   fb