Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2012 

            Parker H Boyle was born in Wyoming 1924 to William and Lora Boyle.  The family came to Ten Sleep, Washakie County, ca. 1930.    Their first home was a tent on the expanse of land that the Ten Sleep LDS Church now occupies (2012).  They arrived in the spring, likely as farm workers, and the Ten Sleep creek had flooded its banks.  According to the 1930 census report, they were living on rented property above the Smilo Davis farm.  Their household consisted of:  William and Lora and four children:  William, Jr., Bertha Mae (May), Parker H, and Ellis E (Eugene known as Gene).  They lived in the area until 1939 when William Parker, Sr., passed away.   Parker joined the U.S. Army, enlisting at Ft Warren, Cheyenne, WY, in 1943 and, at that time,  his mother was dependent upon him for her livelihood [Enlistment WW II record).  On D-day in June 1944 at Normandy Beach, Parker Boyle was killed in action.  His name is listed on the War Memorial Monument in the Ten Sleep Cemetery.  The blue star in his motherís window turned to Gold.

Memories:  Every Memorial Day Service in Ten Sleep (I believe) until her death in 1958, his mother Lora came.   She was always accompanied by her daughter, Parkerís sister, Bertha Mae, and she wore a corsage and carried herself proudly for her sonís gift of life to his country.  Fb

P.S. on 1930 census.  FYI the census checked to see how many people had radios.  The Boyles had no radio.