Researched and compiled by Faye V Bell (SLC) 2013




Preface to this obituary: William Douglas Boyle was actually named Bill Douglas Boyle by his parents but civil and military records seem to vie with that and record his name as William in some instances.


Bill D Boyle was born in Wyoming on December 23, 19191 to William and Lora Boyle. He was the first born of their children. Bertha Mae, Parker Howard and Ellis Eugene joined the Boyle family. They were farmers renting land in the Ten Sleep Canyon area for a few years before the head of the house (William) passed away in 1939. During WW II, all three Boyle males volunteered for military service. Bill and Parker were both in England at the same time and participated in the Invasion of France, June 6, 1944. On the night of June 5, 1944, General Eisenhower met with the Airborne Division, U.S., CO 3 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment before they boarded their airplanes for the invasion. Bill is pictured with Eisenhower (ammo packet hung about his neck in the far right). It is a famous photograph and most persons are familiar with it. See picture for Bill D Boyle with Eisenhower. Parker was killed in the Invasion, but Bill survived the war. In fact, he received several medals of commendation: Medals Issued to Bill Boyle during WWII:- Purple Heart with oak leaf;- Bronze Star with oak leaf;- American Campaign; WWII Victory; Good Conduct; European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign; Distinguished Unit Citation with Oak leaf. The Oak Leaf means Bill was awarded the same medal twice. [So] he got two Purple Hearts for wounds received in action, two Bronze Stars for heroism, and twice received Distinguished Unit citations awarded to the division. (101st Airborne). He and his wife Sharlie spent most of the rest of their lives in Greybull, WY. Except for about a decade, when he was in Apache Junction, AZ (1986-1995) which was likely a winter resort, he lived out his days in Greybull, WY. He passed away June 24, 1998 (SS record indicates his death was June 12, 1998).The couple had no children.


Memories: Bill Boyle was tall and slim, which was opposite of his brothers. He lived quietly and he kept in touch with his sisterís son Webby Jarrett. Family was very important to the Boyles and I praise their caring. The medals awarded to Bill Boyle have been inserted from an e-mail from Wilbur Jarrett. I have not seen the listed metals on his war record, but trust this is the case. fb


1All military and public records say that Bill Boyle was born 23 December 1919; His nephew Webby Jarrett placed the year of his birth in 1920. I think it is imperative to stick with public records which Bill himself reported and the year engraved on his grave marker, 1919.





Bill Douglas Boyle with General Eisenhower, 5 June 1944.Photograph taken at Greenham Common Airfield in England on the evening of 5th June 1944 with General Eisenhower talking to his paratroopers of the 101st AirBorne Division, U.S. CO 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment before they board their airplanes for the European Invasion. Bill Douglas Boyle is the paratrooper on the far right with his ammo packet hung about his neck.Bill Boyle and his brother Parker Boyle were both in that invasion. Parker became a casualty and Bill escaped uninjured. The brothers had exchanged hopes they would see each other in England, but it failed to work out for them.