Researched and Compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2012


            William Boyle was born about 1884 (1930 census says 1886) in Kentucky and migrated to Wyoming by 1919 when he and his wife Lora were living when their first child, Bertha May (Mae) was born.  All of his children: Bertha, William, Parker H and Ellis E (Eugene) were born in Wyoming.   William was a farmer and his sons (WW II Army Enlistment Records) Parker and Ellis E were general farm hands.  By 1930, he was renting property on the Ten Sleep creek above Smilo Davisís farm and was there until his death in 1939 at the age of 55.   The family left Ten Sleep, but it is believed they lived in Worland for a number of years following Williamís demise.  His son Parker H was a casualty at D-day operation on the coast of Normandy, FRANCE in 1944.  A monument in the Ten Sleep cemetery lists his contribution to the Nation along with 6 other young men from Ten Sleep.  William was survived by his wife, Lora, and his four children above-named.



Memories:  I remember seeing the Boyleís temporary residence on the banks of the Ten Sleep creek and pondered at their good cheer and determination.  They were housed in a large tent.  The 1930 Federal Census states he owned no land nor did they have a radio (it seems that was of interest to the government or to the politicians).  William was tall and slim and a hard-working man of a decade-long renting economy.  fb