Researched and Compiled by Faye Bell(SLC) 2012



            George Watson Brown was born to Frank and Eliza Arledge Brown on November 30, 1883 in Nebraska.  On the 1900 U.S. Census, he was 17 years old and his trade was sheep herding at Big Trails, WY.  The family were living on Red Bank 1910, Washakie County, WY.  There were 7 sisters and one brother for George Watson Brown:  Annis, Huldah, Amanda, Florence, Stella, Frances, Laura, and Ray Brown.  His draft registration for WW I shows him living in Casper, Natrona County, WY and married to  Lottie [Charlotta Smith.]   His physical description was medium height, slender built, blue eyes and brown hair.   In 1930 they were living in Ten Sleep and their only son George M[Morgan] Brown was 14 and their daughter Maud[Mandy] Brown was living elsewhere  In Ten Sleep proper (beginning in 1953) for a number of years, the Browns operated a grocery store in the building owned by Margaret Sutherland Compton.  In the same building, there were also freezer lockers which permitted ranchers and hunters to keep their meat storage safe.  They owned a house on the corner opposite the Green T gas station and garage (evolving in subsequent years to the Pioneer/Maverick station and after that to the Pony Express gas station and mini-mart) and south a half-block from where Lottie’s mother, Emma Buckmaster Carshire Smith lived.  George W Brown passed away in January of 1975.  His one and only wife preceded him in death in 1966.  At his passing (age 91), according to the Social Security death notice he was living in Worland, Washakie, WY.


Manda, Charlotte, George W, Morgan



Memories:  I believe George’s dog was always with him sitting erectly in the passenger seat of his truck.  I recall once thinking the dog was Lottie and waved enthusiastically only to find it out that what I waved at was George’s German shepherd!   He seemed to be always on the move as if life had to be lived in the fast lane, but George was the epitome of a well grounded man—sober and industrious.  Fb