Joseph R Brown

1916 - 1971




Memories courtesy of Joseph’s daughter Jan Michael


Joseph served in WWII with the 502nd and the 503rd parachute infantry and he received 2 Purple hearts - Phillipines & Corregidor.   After his initial service commitment he reenlisted in the midst of WWII.


He was wounded in action pulling comrades out of the line of fire in Corregidor and spent several months in a hospital in Australia. He lost half a lung and had occasional bouts of malaria and had shrapnel removed from his body throughout his lifetime.


Josedph was an avid woodworker and made many pieces of furniture out of native cedar from Shell canyon. He and a friend were the first to navigate the Big Horn Canyon in Lovell on a raft. He built his own commercial fishing boat in Alaska, also his own skiff. He built the Alaskan home and the Ten Sleep home.