Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (2012) SLC


            Baby Buckle was born In Worland, Wyoming, to Elizabeth Scott and Robert William Buckle, both immigrants from England in 1924. (see Buckle, Elizabeth obituary)  He was accompanied by a “twin” Thomas Telford Buckle who survived the ordeal of birth and lived in and around the area until well after 1950.  Mother and son passed away in 1924.



Memories:  Fae Caines Moses (my mother) told me and I believe I heard her talking to the twin of this baby when he was visiting at our home about 1940, that Thomas Telford (Buddy) Buckle had had a twin brother and he died at birth.  I also recall a visit to the cemetery where she repeated those words.  I am aware that memory alone does not suffice for historical accounts.  Buddy Buckle boarded with Red and Ruth Hulsey in the Ten Sleep vicinity off and on and was a close associate of my brother Millard M Moses and of Ralph Breeden (also a twin) from Otter Creek.  fb