Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2012

            Elizabeth Buckle nee Elizabeth Scott immigrated to the U.S. from England where she was born on January 15, 1888.  She married Robert William Buckle in Hot Springs County, Wyoming   (Western States Marriages 1809-2011) in 1921.   (Robert W Buckle is buried in the Riverview Cemetery in Worland, WY).  A child lived with Robert W Buckle on Hwy 16 east of Worland by the name of Robert F Buckle so it is believed she had one son when she delivered a set of twins the second birth which is Baby Buckle interred in the T.S. cemetery and Thomas T Buckle who was known about Ten Sleep.  The twin births occurred nearly a month between them and cost her life in delivery.   She passed away on February 14, 1924 in Washakie County, WY.

Memories:   The reference to the twin birthing that was delayed was also relayed to me by my mother and is memory only.  fb