Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2013



            Claire Buckmaster (curly haired Topsy!) was born to John and Mary Buckmaster in Wyoming in 1898.  She had brothers Jake, Lennie and Mike.  She often reminisced over the goings-on at ‘Harvard University ‘the school on the Nowood where she and other children attended school.  They had overheard a lot as the telephone lines buzzed about the Spring Creek Raid.  Topsy and James Bull were married in Washakie County in 1916 which marriage endured their lifetimes.  They had two children: Goldie and Wesley and grandchildren from the marriage of Goldie Bull Shepherd.  Wesley Bull died in 1941 in a vehicular accident in Washakie County.  She and James lived most of their married life in Washakie County—Spring Creek and Ten Sleep.  They moved from the ranches and farms that were their livelihood to the town of Ten Sleep when they were retired.  Topsy Buckmaster Bull passed away in 1978.


Memories:  In 1966-67, I had the opportunity to interview Topsy about the early pioneer days in Ten Sleep.  She had an incredible memory and was grateful to be able to discuss the Spring Creek raid and times as they were then—their newly acquired telephone lines, the schoolhouse they attended, etc.  I was standing by when she came to tell my mother about Wesley’s death.  A very broken-hearted Topsy (her head still thick with tumbling dark curls) sought comfort wherever she could at that grievous time.  Fb