Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2012



            Margaret Belle (known simply as Belle) Guilfoil was born in Iowa in 1883 and lived in Nebraska at the time she met and married Albert C Burgess (Bert) in 1903.  The couple lived in Mother Lake, Cherry, NE where both their sons: Russell A and Lucien F Burgess were born.  She and Bert left Nebraska and bought land in the Tongue River area, thence they moved to Election District No. 6 (Hyattville) by 1920 and they owned their own home there as per the U.S. 1920 Census.   In fact, Bert’s WW I draft registration says they live in Hyattville as early as 1917 and “Paintrock Tales” (publ 2008) indicates they moved to Hyattville in 1914; at that time their son Russell would have been 9 years old and Lucien would have been 7 years old.  Russell md Stella Hopkins and they had two children; Lucien F md Bethel and the couple had two daughters:  Yvonne and Charlene Burgess.  They both attended school in Ten Sleep in 1939.   Compared with her contemporaries, she had a small immediate family and few grandchildren.  Belle Burgess was a proud, erect and beautiful figure of a woman all of her days.  She died in 1965 a year after her life-long partner passed away.



Memories:  Belle Burgess was ‘just that’, she was a belle and a beauty.  She could be seen with Bert at Speck’s Café in Ten Sleep nearly every day at least once.  The couple were outstanding in their appearance and what they stood for.  Fb