Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2013


Bessie C Tannyhill was born to Elizabeth and John Tannyhill in Ohio on the 8 August 1864. She married Milo Burke, Sr., in Jackson, Missouri on the 27 July 1887. The couple lived in the Ten Sleep Canyon and established a lumber manufacturing business. They had children Bessie, Milo, Jr., Linn, Mildred and Cecil Burke. Their prominence in the valley is attested in the Methodist Church history that the lumber, logs were furnished by Milo Burke, Sr. and in an area connection with DeForest Richards, Governor of Wyoming estimated 1903-1906. In January of 1920, the Basin news mentioned their trip to Hawaii which they undertook because of Miloís health. On their return from Hawaii, Bessie became a widow at Miloís passing in 1921. She was in Ohio with her daughter Cecil Morris in 1930 and she passed away in Los Angeles, CA on the 22 December 1953.