The following was researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2013


            Gladys Burke was born in Nebraska September 26, 1898 to Eddy and Gladys Trank.  She married Milo (Colonel) Burke prior to 1921.  The couple had a son born in 1922 who died in infancy 1922.  Later another son was born Milo Wesley Burke who was their sole child to grow into manhood.  The Burkes owned and operated The Wigwam, a community center and tourist camp located in the Ten Sleep canyon for several decades.  Gladys was an active member of the community in the Auxiliary of the VFW, in community projects, etc.  Many receptions were held at The Wigwam lodge where she catered and prepared for those events.  She was an excellent seamstress and made more than one wedding dress for young women in the area.  The Burkes were not only civic minded but non-aggressive and agreeable town citizens.  Their son M Wesley Burke was educated in Ten Sleep schools, graduated from Ten Sleep High School and joined the U.S. Navy in 1944.  The couple sold out the Wigwam to the Game and Fish Commission and a portion of their land to Walter Patch and moved to Sheridan, WY where they lived out their days.



Gladys was an energetic, tireless worker, and the Burke family maintained prosperity as long as they were the owners and operators of the Wigwam.  A large white, tented Wigwam sat on the edge of the property and could be viewed from Highway # 16 in passing.  In 1953 when my twin daughters were born, Gladys Burke made two of the most beautiful dresses for them and quietly gave the precious gift to me and quietly departed.   fb