Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2013


            Milo Burke was born to Milo Burke, Sr. and his wife Bessie C. Tannehill on January 5, 1898 (Social Security death record gives birthdate) in Wyoming (likely in Ten Sleep, Bighorn County (until 1913).  His father Milo had been hired to manage and operate the Bay State Ranch holdings which were later taken over by an English company.  Milo Burke, Sr., had succeeded in getting some holdings of his own which he named the WIGWAM and had tourist cabins and camping areas in the Ten Sleep Canyon.  Milo Burke, Jr., (known to his friends as the Colonel) also operated the Wigwam.   In 1920, he was in Seattle, Washington (U.S. census 1920) lodging with a group of other men, the occupation unknown.  Shortly after, he returned to Wyoming, married Gladys Trank who was a native of Nebraska.  The couple had a child born in 1922 and died in 1922. In 1924/25 they had a son Wesley Burke who attended Ten Sleep schools until graduation.  Welsey was a member of the armed forces in WW II.  He served in the U.S. Navy on the ship St Croix for almost 2 years. (Military records of Milo Wesley Burke—1944-1946). They were known to be still running the Wigwam in 1947 and, it is believed, for a few years later.  Part of their land was sold to Wyoming Game and Fish in the early 1950ís and some to Walter Patch who utilized the land for community events.  The Burkes moved to Sheridan, WY and remained there until the Colonelís passing in 1977 and he was brought home to rest in Ten Sleep, Wyoming.  His survivors were his wife, Gladys T Burke and son Milo Wesley Burke.  He has a grandson, Milo W Burke, IV (fd on


Notes:  T.S. cemetery registry shows both Harry Burke (1922-1922) and Baby Burke (1922-1922) one is buried in 42 F and the other in 42E.  It raises questions.  I think from what I know personally that there was a son born and died as an infant.  I didnít know his name, but I think only one son had met his demise in infancy (Faye Bell).