Alvin Carothers was born in Hyattville, Big Horn, Wyoming on July 1, 1892 to Edson B Carothers and his wife Jenny L Hatton.  Both of his parents were born in Ohio; Edson’s father was born in Ireland.  Later on the couple had another son—John—and a daughter Edna.

Alvin married Alice J Hankins, daughter of James Ulysses Hankins.  In 1930 U.S. census they are living in Cloverley, Big Horn, WY with his parents.  Soon after, the couple were joined by their only child, Robert Dale (Bobby Dale).  Alvin spent many years as a rancher-farmer on Brokenback and in the Hyattville area, claimed he had 1 year of High School and owned his own place.  He was partially crippled by a muscular disease similar, if not the same, as multiple sclerosis known today as MS.   He and Alice and their son Bobby moved to Ten Sleep where Bobby Dale attended Ten Sleep schools for a good portion of his elementary classes.  Later on, he joined the Navy and it is believed that he was in the U.S. Navy when Alvin passed away in 1950.



Memories:  Alvin and Alice and their son lived about one-half block from the Moses farm.  His ailment was a great handicap to their family happiness.  Fb



Newspaper Date: 5/9/1950