Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2013



            Joseph H[enry] Carrier was born 7 October 1899 in Virginia to Abner L and Bettie Carrier.  By the 1910 Fed Census, Joe Carrier was 10 and the family lived in Stonewall, Rockingham, VA.  He had sisters Virginia L, Kathleen E and brother Willis L Carrier by that time.  The WW I Draft Registration card indicates that Joseph Carrier was 18 and living in Appleton City, MO, it was dated 1917 and he was of medium build and height with brown eyes and black hair.  He farmed for his father in 1917.  By 1930 he had met and married Ella Sweeney, daughter of Harry and Ann Sweeney  and the couple had two daughters, Betty Ann and Harriet L Sweeney and was a resident of Wyoming.  Joella, a third daughter, blessed their household shortly after.  In 1940 (Fed Census), the family were living in Appleton, MO, once more and once again, Joseph was farming for his father Abner and Ella was an unpaid housekeeper. The census records reveal that Joe Carrier had only a 6th-grade education.  He labored all of his life as a farmer and it appears that most of it was for other land owners.   Joe Carrier passed away 11 months after his wife Ella—he died in December of 1988.  His last known address was Meeteetse, Park County, WY.


Memories:  I never did see Joe Carrier.  All I saw was the old model car (about 1920)  that brought them to Ten Sleep and took them back to Gooseberry. God Bless Joe Carrier! fb