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Scanty records for Melvin G Caster and a difficult search.


            It is believed that Melvin Caster was born in South Dakota in 1900-1901.  He married Amanda Elizabeth Rogers in Custer, Pennington, South Dakota on May 12, 1927 according to Marriage Records of South Dakota, he was 27 years old.  She was the daughter of David and Emily Rogers and was born in Wyoming .  in 1906.  In 1930, she was living  in Custer, S. Dakota with her parents and her daughter Emily (3 years old), she was called Caster, but she claimed she was divorced (U.S. Census).   There are facts here that can’t be conclusive because data doesn’t match.  However, in the thirties Melvin and Amanda were living in Washakie County and it is believed he was working on the Nowood as a ranch hand.  By the time, Melvin passed away in 1934, they had a second child, June, who was two years younger than her sister Emily. After their father passed away, the girls entered the Ten Sleep school district and attended school for a time there.  Melvin Granville Caster died 10 July 1934.  Two stones—one a granite rock with hand printed data (Birth April 7, 1900; Death 1934) and the other a proper headstone with basic vital statistics are placed at his grave site.  The Wyoming newspaper project states that Mr. Caster died 10 July 1934.   He preceded Amanda and his two daughters in death. 


Memories:  I remember in 1937, Emily and June Caster, both were fair and pretty girls (dainty in size) and if memory is correct they were both blue-eyed. They were then the step-daughters of Oren Cunningham as their mother married Oren after the Melvin G Caster’s death. Fb

Newspaper clipping.

Otter Creek Man Murders Son Following Argument Over Horse Saturday A.M.


Murder charges were filed this week in the office of County Attorney Noel Morgan, against John Castor, 63, who shot and killed his son, Melvin, 33,  at their lonely homestead cabin 14 miles southeast of Tensleep on Otter Creek Saturday morning.   A quarrel over a horse led to the fatal shooting in which a large caliber rifle was employed, Sheriff Russell Burgess said.   The elder Castor remained with the body until officers arrived.  They also reported that he evinced hatred toward the slain man's wife who had escaped to a neighboring ranch following the shooting.   Sheriff Burgess, Deputy Sheriff Bird, County Attorney Noel Morgan, Dr. P. B. Reed and Theda Ormsby made the trip over and brought Castor to Worland, where he was held in jail until Saturday evening when an inquest was held.   The coroners jury, composed of C. A. Sheldon, Fritz Louden, and Tom Williams, presided over by Justice of the Peace N. L. Dunlap in the absence of Coroner Dr. W. O. Gray found that:  The deceased came to his death by gun shot wounds, said gun held in the hands of and shot by John Castor.  Following the inquest Castor was taken to Basin and incarcerated in the jail there.   Officers express the belief that he is mentally unsound.  Melvin Castor is survived by two small children and his widow, and several sisters and brother, all will known in this section. 


Funeral Service For Melvin Castor Wed. 

Funeral services were held yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock for Melvin Castor in Tensleep. Rev. J. I. Williams conducted the ceremonies  which were held at the Tensleep church. A duo composed of Mrs. B. Shadduck and Mrs. W. S. Fiscus sang three hymns, "Jesus Lover of My Soul", "Jesus is Calling", and "Rock of Ages". and were accompanied by Mary L. Williams. Internment was made in the cemetery.  Melvin Castor was born in 1901 in Farnam, Nebraska.   In his early youth he moved to the North Platte country, and later came to Wyo. in 1918.  He died at the age of 33.   He leaves to mourn his untimely death his mother who resides in Montana, four brothers, John T. Castor, Tensleep;  Homer D. Castor, Moorcroft: Marian J. Castor, Hermosa, S. D.; Harold Castor, Moorcroft; and three sisters Arta ? of ten Sleep; Mrs. Dora Lee, Montana; Mae Caster, Ten Sleep.  He is also survived by his wife Mrs. Amanda Caster and two children, Emily Ethel and Mardel June.  Mrs. Caster is the daughter of David Rogers, formally of Worland and was married to Melvin Caster in 1927.  John Caster, his father, also survives the deceased.


Individual Report for Melvin Granville Castor

Sex: Male

Mother: Ethel Louisa Mayfield    Father: John George Castor

Individual Facts: Birth: 1901 in Nebraska

Burial: 1934 in Ten Sleep Cemetery, Ten Sleep, Wyoming, Lot 102D Owned by Castor

Death: 10 Jul 1934 in Washakie Co., Wyoming

Shared Facts: Amanda Elizabeth Rogers


Emily Ethel Castor

June Caster

Person Notes: Melvan Granvill Caster in the South Dakota, Marriages, 1905-2013

Name: Melvan Granvill Caster Gender: Male Age: 26 Birth Year: abt 1901 Residence Post Office: Hermosa Residence Place: Custer

Marriage Date: 12 May 1927 Marriage Place: Pennington, South Dakota, USA

Certificate: 118583 Registration Number: R 142

Spouse: Amanda Elizabeth Rogers Gender: Female Age: 21 Born: about 1906 Residence Post Office: Custer Residence Place: Custer


Bureau of Land Management: General Land Office Records

View Patent Image 1087792 Patentee CASTER, AMANDA E, Patentee CASTER, MELVAN G 12/23/1936 030963 WY 6th PM 045N -

086W W½E½ 19 Washakie

045N - 086W E½NW¼ 19 Washakie

045N - 086W NE¼NE¼ 19 Washakie

045N - 086W NE¼SW¼ 19 Washakie

045N - 086W N½NW¼ 20 Washakie

045N - 086W Lot/Trct 3 7 Washakie

045N - 086W Lot/Trct 4 7 Washakie

045N - 086W Lot/Trct 1 18 Washakie

045N - 086W Lot/Trct 2 18 Washakie

045N - 086W Lot/Trct 1 19 Washakie


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Melvin Granville Castor(Caster) Birth 1901 in Nebraska, USA Death

abt 1928

Residence 1910 - Age: 9 Dickens, Lincoln, Nebraska Age in 1910: 9;

Relation to Head of House: Son

Marriage to Amanda Elizabeth (Castor)(Cunningham) Rogers 1927 12 May -

Age: 26 Pennington, South Dakota

Residence Custer

Family Members Parents ♂ John George Castor(Caster) 1872 – ♀ Ethel Louisa (Caster)(English) Mayfield 1881 - 1952

Spouse & Children

Amanda Elizabeth Rogers 1907 - 1980

♀ Emily Castor(Caster) 1929 -

♀ June Caster 1933 -

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