Chabot, ANTONE-Obituary and news articles

The Buffalo Voice no. 5 June 05, 1914, page 3

Anton Chabot, flockmaster of southern Johnson county, was in the Buffalo on business the first of the week. He was arranging for the sale of his wool which clip totaled about thirteen thousand pounds, averaging about 9 pounds to the fleece. Mr. Chabot is congratulating himself upon the fact that lie did not sell the wool to the early buyers and held for the high prices.


The Buffalo Voice no. 30 November 27, 1914, page 3

Antone Chabot, brother of Joe and Virgile Chabot, was found dead at one of the ranch cabins of Virgile Chabot on Buffalo creek, near Nowood, one day last week, death being due to a hemorrhage of the lungs.  He had been dead probably 24 hours when the body was discovered. The deceased was born in France in 1866, and came to this country some twelve years ago. Of late years he had been in the sheep business, and only recently disposed of his interest to John Esponda. The coroner and sheriff of Washakie county after examining the conditions and circumstances surrounding the death, decided an inquest unnecessary, and the body was turned over to Virgile Chabot for burial. The funeral was held last Monday, and the body buried at the Ten Sleep cemetery.


Miner no. 34 November 27, 1914, page 8, Hudson

The lifeless body of Antone Chabot, a sheepman of the Basin country, was found on his doorstep with a bullet hole in it.  There is no clue to the perpetrator of the deed.