VIRGIL (Virgile) Chabot

1869 – 1940



Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2013



            Virgil Chabot was born in France in 1869 and left there from La Havre port on the ship Le Bourgoyne.  He arrived in New York City port 14 November 1887 at the age of 18.  Although later it appears he had two brothers in the Johnson/Washakie County area, neither is shown with him on the passenger list.  Their names were Joe and Antone Chabot.  The passenger list spells his surname Chabotta and gives his birthyear as 1869 as well as do the census records that record his residence: 1869 in France.  In 1914 he was in southern Johnson County and had several cabins on the place.  His brother Antone was found dead there from a gunshot wound in the chest as per The Buffalo Voice, No. 5, June 5, 1914, p. 3.  He was living in Election District #1, Washakie County in 1930.  Election District No. 1 is assigned to Worland, WY.   After that, the search runs into a Virgil Chabot, b 1869 in France, living in Bakersfield, Kern Co., California 1940 with a wife Marie and son Frederick (age 27).  A death date in Bakersfield, CA,  was found for this Virgil Chabot of 6 August 1959.   At the same site, his birthday is stated as 9 June 1869.  It is uncertain what path Mr. Chabot took after 1930.  However, the Collins Land Company based in Helena, MT, appears to have handled the purchase or sale of property belonging to Virgil Chabot, Big Trails, WY.  The company began business in 1898 and wrapped up the same in 1951.  That would seem to be the final deal with Collins Land CO., the land appears to have been purchased by a Joseph Messenger, Bakersfield, CA.   The common denominators in these cases are:  b 1869, France, living in Big Trails vs Southern Johnson County (1914) and living in Bakersfield in 1940s and 1950s (U.S. City Directories) and selling out to a man from Bakersfield before 1951.


The book, “Vanguards of the Valley” authored by V. Faye Bell tells of  Virgile Chabot’s protest to the handling of  investigation of the Ten Sleep Raid:

“On April 16, 1909 (after the Spring Creek raid which included several Basque sheepmen, no one had been arrested in the two weeks that followed the vendetta.  A letter was written to the French Ambassador at Washington, D.C., describing the heinous act of murder and the loss of the young boy, Jules Lazier.  It described the shootings and the firing of the wagons fully and the outrage that was felt that nothing had been done about it and none had been held accountable.  This letter mentioned that the boy was of the Chabotte order and it was signed by Virgile Chabot.  It comes originally from Wyoming Wealth by William (Bill) F Bragg, historian at Casper, WY. “

Worland Newspaper Jan 25, 1940