Obituary is taken from the Daily News by Terril Mills, Ten Sleep


Abstracted by Faye Bell (SLC) 2014



            Mr. William Oney Cheeney was born 1 August 1856 in  Wisconsin.  All of his life he was a rancher/farmer.   He came to Wyoming in 1886 and was a cowpuncher in Laramie.  In 1888 he went to  Iowa and married Adeline Rebecca Butchy.  The couple homesteaded in Nebraska.  Adeline passed away in 1904.  The couple had six children); in 1919 he married Annabelle Phillips and there were 3 children brought to that union.  Mr. Cheeney was found dead in his cabin in Ten Sleep (the first week of February).  Two of his sons lived in the Ten Sleep area on the Nowood Creek:  Slim Cheeney and his family and Everett Cheeney and his family.  Funeral services will be held February 8 conducted by Reverend H H Bailey, 1st Baptist Church.



Other:  Wm O Cheeney was living in Goshen County, WY, listed as a Cheyenne citizen in 1940.  A 22-year old man named Earl Cheeney lived with him and he was then  83 years old and still considered a rancher; his address is listed as Rural, Goshen Co. WY.