Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2012

Personal Knowledge and Federal Census 1920-1940



            Kathleen Compton was born in 1928 to Frank P Compton and Elizabeth (Babe) Baugh Compton in Ten Sleep, Washakie Co, WY.  A baby brother Conley joined Kathleen in 1932 and for one year Frank and Babe Compton had two children.  A year later, Kathleen died (it is believed it was from Diphtheria).  Her parents were devastated by her death and the house they owned on Cottonwood street became a place of memories of bright-eyed Kathleen.




Memories:  Elizabeth “Babe” Compton was the daughter of Minnie Baugh and she had a brother Willard who lived in Ten Sleep about 1937 for a short time.  Babe’s half-sister Minnie Dron (wife of Tony) lived in the area and her mother Minnie was also a resident of the town.  Her brother David H Baugh, his wife, Lutie and small son Willard lived there as well.  Babe was a warm hearted woman with sparkling brown eyes and easy smiles.  She and Frank had the Lower Nowood mail route and she also taught 4-H cooking for beginners.  fb


Kathelyn Elizabeth Compton