Researched and compiled by Faye V Bell (SLC) 2014


            Fred Connor (GAF Connor) was born 2 July 1880 to George and Hettie Connor in Kansas, CUSA. The family had 2 sons, Roy E and Fred and three daughters: Mary Jeanette, Maisie and Florence Connor.  On October 5, 1904 he married Cora B Troutman in Elderado, KS, the daughter of Jonas Troutman.   They had three children:  Frieda and Kathleen and a son Earl.  The couple moved to Ten Sleep in 1906 and remained there until their deaths as members of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.  Fred and a Mr.  Woods held the grocery store on Main Street entitled Woods and Connor for a number of years.  Fred  passed away April 10,  1971.



Memories:  Woods and Connor had a wonderful store in the pioneer style of things in bulk transferred by brown paper bagsful or in quart/pint jars (if the item was liquid); candy was in the bulk and usually a penny would buy a piece of candy.  Bacon was sold by the ‘side’ and sliced in bulks of the customer’s demand.  These were courteous, respectful people and they gave that kind of service.  fb