Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2014

            Bertha Dow was born 28 December 1908 in Wyoming to Martin and Martha Dow and was blessed with 9 siblings (1920 census).  She married Walter Lewis ca. 1928 and lived in Hot Springs Co, WY (1930 census), but as a widow shown on 1940 census she served as Israel Daugherty’s housekeeper.  Bertha Lewis  married the widower Israel (Mickey) Daugherty 24 Mar 1945 and brought with her a daughter Betty LaVonne Lewis.   The couple chose to be married in Billings, MT.  At that time Israel Daugherty, Sr., had two children Esther and Israel (Bub) Daugherty that she became the stepmother of.  The Daughertys ranched in Dixon Canyon and kept the ranch in the family line for many years.   After Israel Sr passed away in 1963 she moved into Ten Sleep proper and lived as a resident there until her own passing on July 22, 1983.   Allegedly, she was a good wife and mother and life for the Daugherty family had continued on with her as the mother on an even keel.


Memories:  Bertha assumed her position without ostentation and carried on quietly and steadily as a mother, stepmother and wife of the widower Israel Daugherty, Sr.  fb