Description: Description: Dellos, Samual


Sam Dellos Funeral Memorial Card.


        Our Husband, Dad, Grandfather, Brother, Uncle & Friend

 He worked for the Highway for 24 years,

 In his spare time he liked building, and trapping for furs.

 With that twinkle in his eye and that little whistle,

 He always looked for roses, never a thistle.

 He was married to "Mar" for 53 years,

 Through the smooth and rough times, happiness and tears.

 Bingo was a game he loved to play,

 But winning at cards really made his day.

 The nurses and staff were always fair game,

 'Cause teasing and taunting was his "middle name".

 With a determined spirit he wheeled his chair,

 Always in good spirits, always willing to share.

 With family and friends he loved to talk,

 With always a longing that someday he'd walk.

 For seventeen years he had such a struggle

 With never a complaint and always a smile,

 And in God's great wisdom He said-

 "Sam, It's time to rest awhile".

 We are all glad that God gave us such a "great guy",

 We remember him with love, and a tear in our eye.

  Next time we see him, he'll be able to walk,

 What a great day for all when we'll be able to talk.

 About happier times we all had,

 We'll be happy again, instead of sad.

  -- Loving Tribute by Jan Warner