Researched and compiled by Faye Bell(SLC) 2013



Homer Dent was born in Rock Rapids, IOWA, June 7, 1890, to Cassius Marcellus Clay and Lisey[Lizzy?] Dent.  The family were living (as per 1900  U.S. Census) in Garfield, Lyon County, Iowa, when Homer was 11 years old and his brother Frank G was 6 and his older sister, Ethel Dent, was  13.  War registration records of June 5, 1917, show Homer working for A. S.[C?] Burgess as a farm hand in Hyattville, WY.  The physical description of Homer is that he was short in height, medium build, blue-eyed and with brown hair.  The war record is signed by L.G VanSlyke of Hyattville.  Homer served as a Sergeant in CO CAS GPI MTD MGTC during WW I.  (Military terms given mean:  Close Air Support, Military Training Director at Georgia Tech College during WW I.)  In 1920 he was living as a boarder with the Thomas family in Hyattville.   On the 29th of August 1926, he married Edna Carol Carothers, daughter of Edson and Jenny Carothers in Billings, Yellowstone County, MT.  The couple had two sons:  [John] Vale and [Homer] Wade Dent.  By the 1930 census record, Homer and Edna lived in Election District No. 3, Washakie Co, WY where they worked at farming until Homer received a government mail contract in later years (Ten Sleep to Manderson and Ten Sleep to Worland). They resided at Ten Sleep until his death April 2, 1968.   He was preceded in death by his brother Frank Dent of Worland.  He was survived by his wife Edna and his two sons plus 5 grandchildren. (The number of grandchildren is a calculated guess.)



Memories:  Homer Dent seemed to be an agreeable sort and minded his own business.  My experience with Homer was to catch a ride on the mailtruck.  He was quiet and courteous at those times.  I recall when he was in Washakie Memorial Hospital before his passing that I stopped to see him and he asked me to do him a favor which I did. fb