Arthur (Lawrence A.) Devereaux





The Following was researched by Faye Bell (SLC) 2015


            The data on Arthur (Lawrence A.) Devereaux is scanty but he was born 18 May 1916 to Joseph and Mary Devereaux in Wyoming.  He joined siblings Estella, Gilbert, Enoch G, Herbert A., Joseph, Mesena,, and Oscar.  Most of those were born in Salem, Utah but the family moved to Wyoming before Arthur was born.  He was part of the U.S. Marine Corps in WW II. Both 1920 and 1930 U.S. Censuses show many members of the family but Lawrence was indexed as (Lucious with the age matching Lawrence As birthdate and age) in the 1920 report).  His marriage record was unfound, but he had at least one child which is Norman Arthur Devereaux also buried in the same cemetery lot in Ten Sleep Cemetery.  Both have military monuments supplied by the U .S. Military.  Arthur passed away on December 7, 1987.