Researched and Compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2012


          Norman Edward Drake (in Ten Sleep known as Happy Drake) was born November 26, 1891 in Iowa to Frank R and Ellen Drake.  His mother was a Canadian emigrant in 1900.  In 1910 (U.S. 1910 Census) the Drakes are still in Iowa and have three children:  Charlie P (24), Jennie E (20) and Norman E (19) all three were  born in Iowa.  WW I draft registration card for Norman Edward Drake indicate that he is medium height, medium build, blue-gray eyes and brown hair.  His occupation is dentist and he is self-employed in Chariton, IA; but he is disabled with poor eyesight and it is signed by a Mr. Rose, auditor in Lucas County, Iowa, the year is 1917.   In the 1920 U.S. Census, Happy is 27 years old and the family live in Oakland, Pottawatamie, IA; he is single and his parents are then Frank (62) and Ellen (52) and only Norman is at home.  By 1930, Norman is married and living in Loveland, Larimer County, Colorado with his Russian born wife, Edith, and he works in a sugar-mill. Between 1930 and 1940, he is again single and living in Ten Sleep, WY in the household of Alvin Carothers on the road to Brokenback north  of Ten Sleep.  Norman died in Worland on November 16, 1940.





Memories:  I remember Happy Drake only vaguely because our paths crossed seldom. He was still alive when the Ten Sleep census was taken and he lived at Carother’s, but I believe he moved with a light step and that he probably existed along the Ten Sleep creek where Fred Walker and other unattached ‘older’ men lived just before he passed away. Of course by then his hair was gray.  In 1946-47, my mother Fae Moses made markers for people like Happy and I recall specifically my father Millard Moses telling her to add “Happy” to the marker as well as Norman.   fb


Northern Wyoming Daily News 11/19/1940