Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2012



††††††††††† Minnie Frank Dron was born in Iowa in January of 1889 to Minnie Frank (fatherís name not found).In 1900, Minnie was shown as the stepdaughter of Harry Baugh, Walden, Larimer, CO.By 1910, Minniehad two brothers William and George Frank and a sister Mabel B. plus half-brothers David and Joseph Baugh and they lived in Whalen, Fergus, MT.She married Tony Dron, a native of Romania,in Billings, MT in 1925.The couple were engaged in raising sheep for a short time in the Ten Sleep area and then purchased land in the Ten Sleep canyon where they worked an apple orchard.In 1927, their firstborn, Theodore H was born but passed away as a toddler (not yet 2 years of age) and is buried in the Ten Sleep cemetery.A daughter, Theodora (Theo) was born in 1928 and lived with Minnie and Tony until she graduated from high school in Ten Sleep 1947.She was survived by daughter Theo and grandson Vincent Horn.Minnie Dron passed away in 1965 (as per obit of Tony Dron)[shown on the headstone as 1966.)



Memories:Minnie Dron was a quiet, unassuming woman and made very little appearance in the community, attending Theoís activities in the company usually of her husband Tony.The family as Ten Sleep canyon residents removed from daily Ten Sleep life and interacted only from the harvesting and selling of their apples. Minnie and Tony took over the responsibility of their grandson almost from birth.They essentially raised Vincent Horn who also graduated from Ten Sleep high school.