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            Nancy R. Dupree was born to Marie Jeanette Redland Dupree December 3, 1952 (possibly Wyoming).  Her mother was the daughter of Richard and Nellie Harvard Redland; she joined Jean Dupree and Eric Dupree, older sister and younger brother.  Her life was short-lived and in a space of less than four years, Nancy passed away survived by her mother and siblings.  It is believed that she died in Washakie County, WY—no record was found.  Her mother was a war nurse and was employed at one time as Dr. EnglemannŐs nurse in Worland, WY.  Both siblings went to Ten Sleep high school and graduated from it.

My personal lack of knowledge of the child and the circumstances of her death are nil and it causes me to reflect on the small area and my own isolation in it regarding the little family.  Fb