EARLY, HARRIETT- news article and obituaries

Basin Republican no. 32 March 10, 1911, page 9

Mrs. W. W. Early Very Ill.

Mrs. W. W. Early is very ill at her home at Big Trails.  Last Saturday her daughter, Mrs. Carrie Boslaw, received a telephone message to that effect and H. S. Ridgley kindly tendered the use of his auto and chafeur to take Mrs. Boslaw and her daughter to Mrs. Early’s bedside.


Basin Republican no. 34 March 24, 1911, page 7

Death of Mrs. W. W. Early

Mrs. W. W. Early died last Sunday at her home at Big Trails, the funeral taking place Wednesday.  Rev. H. E. Shepherd delivered the sermon.  Mrs. Carrie Boslaw is her daughter.


Wyoming tribune no. 73 Monday, March 27, 1911 page 3 Cheyenne, Wyoming Deaths

Big Trails Mrs. W. W. Early, Sunday


Worland Grit no. 19 April 01, 1911, page 1 Tensleep Notes

Mrs. W. W. Early of Big Trails, died last week after a short illness, the remains were brought to Tensleep for burial.  Services were conducted by H. E. Shepherd of Basin.