John W Early




Researched by Faye V. Bell (SLC) 201

            John W. Early was born the third child and the only son to John Early and Norma Grout in the county of Onondaga, New York, USA on 30th of May 1922.  He joined sisters Lillian (Al Williams), Muriel (Louis Gerstner) ; a third sister Mary was listed in the 1930 U.S. census when John was 7 and she was 3 years old and all were living in Election District #1, Washakie County, Wyoming.   After his fatherŐs death in 1939, he moved with his sisters to Chicago, Illinois, and was living with his  stepfather, Alexander Beach in 1940.  He said once he had 4 years of High School and once it is reported he had 3 years of High School.  On 17 February 1942, he enlisted in the U.S. Army, the Branch of Warrant Officers during WW II.  When he returned to Ten Sleep, WY in 1947, he was part of the VFW and had pronounced himself a second Lieutenant in military service.  He joined in and gave a lot of assistance to starting the annual T.S. rodeo along with his Brother-in-law, Al Williams and many other returned young vets of WW II and those of WWI under the leadership of the Commander of the VFW in Ten Sleep, Millard F.Moses.  John left Ten Sleep and was reportedly living in Arizona for a time.  At one juncture he was in Redmond, Washington and listed in U.S. Public Directory there.  He passed away on 9 February 1979, in Los Angeles, CA. at the age of 57.



Memories:  John W Early stood about 6 foot 4 inches, slender, dark hair and eyes and had a nice demeanor.  Fb