Researched and compiled by Faye V Bell, SLC



            David [Dave] Egbert was born in Michigan, 2 Feb 1886, the second child and first son of Earnest J and Margaret Egbert.  He had an older sibling, a sister Eliza born in 1884.   The 1900 Federal Census indicates the family were in Cortland, DeKalb, IL when Dave was 14.  He had two brothers that lived in Ten Sleep, too, and are listed in the Ten Sleep Cemetery registry (online): John born in 1888 and [Philip] Brooks Egbert born in 1891 in Sycamore, IL.  In 1910, the census reports Dave was 24 and living in Kaycee, Johnson County as a boarder with Frank and Emma Cowan.  By 1920 at the age of 33, he was married to Mazie Harbison from Big Horn, Sheridan Co., WY, and the couple lived in Sunshine, Park Co, WY.  Shortly after and in the 1930 census, they were residents in District 1, Washakie Co, WY on the upper Nowood or Big Trails ranches.


            Dave and Mazie moved to Ten Sleep, gave up ranching but he was employed by Washakie County Roads as the superintendent in the Ten Sleep area.  He held this job until his retirement.  Quiet and well-mannered, given to stay-at-home he fathered three daughters: Eunice Ione, Doris Eileen, and Norma A.  He died in August 1967 by a self-inflicted gunshot to his head.   He was preceded in death by his brother John and his daughter Doris Eileen.  He was survived by his wife Mazie and two daughtersóIone Egbert Duncan of Tremonton, UT and Norma Egbert Fisher of Denver, CO.


Memories:  David Egbert was a tall, white-haired man all the years I knew him.  He would close up the county workshop and pick up his lunch bucket and saunder easily across the street to his own residence. Occasionally, he would attend a school function that his daughter Norma was performing in.   If he was outdoors, it was usually to and from work or to drive his family to Worland for shopping and banking.