Researched and compiled by Faye V Bell, SLC



            Mazie Egbert was born in 1891, the second daughter of John P[erry] & Anna M Harbison  on the family homestead at Bighorn, Sheridan Co., Wyoming. [1]  She was the only child of John and Anna’s children that was born in Wyoming.   The Harbisons settled  on Lower Cruse Creek in Sheridan County in 1888 (as written by Mazie Harbison Egbert in the book Big Horn Pioneers [2]published by the people of Big Horn, Sheridan County, and had hitherto lived in Clarinda, Iowa where Mazie’s sister Millie and her brother Alan were born.  They were well known and respected as cattle ranchers in the area as featured in the said book and valued in the 1910 Sheridan County Telephone Directory at over $4 thousand.  In 1919, David Egbert (born in Michigan) was living in Big Trails along with his brother Brooks Egbert.  Dave courted and married Mazie sometime before 1920 and the couple lived at Big Trails, WY for several years before moving to Ten Sleep.  Mazie and Dave had three daughters: Eunice Ione, Doris Eileen and Norma A.   They were living in Ten Sleep in 1936 when Doris Eileen died of diphtheria at the age of 12.   


            Mazie was an excellent piano teacher, an exemplary gardener, a busy homemaker, seamstress (dress making and fine embroidery, etc.) a good neighbor and emphasized the need for education and excellence in all things she or her family undertook.  In her own words (above reference) she was a ‘teacher and a musician’.    She was preceded in death by her husband Dave, her daughters Doris and Norma .  She passed away in 1978 at the age of 88 years leaving the surviving daughter, E. Ione Egbert Duncan of Tremonton, Utah.


MEMORIES:  Mazie Egbert was slim and active all of her life.  She was never idle.  She was a commonly seen figure in her denim shirt and jeans sporting a large straw hat at labor in her garden— pruning shrubs, weeding diligently, seemingly supervising the growth of peonies and roses.  The Harbison home as per Mazie (ibid) there were many evergreen trees—a memorial to the Harbison famlyMazie Harbison Egbert’s yard was always a showplace of beauty.   She was still teaching piano in 1969, and walking daily and briskly to the post office to pick up her mail.  She and Dave owned a Buick that was seldom taken out of the garage and always driven to Worland when it was driven.   From Colleen Bell Sessions comes the memory of someone who instilled in her the desire to continue piano lessons. 


[1]   These data are combined with personal history of Mazie’s friend Catherine McBean Wood (in possession of  Faye V Bell) and the 1900 census records.

[2] The Big Horn Pioneers is located in the Family History Library, SLC, UT 1st West and 1st South; the reference number is 978.732/B1 H2b.