Researched and compiled by Faye V Bell (SLC)


Philip Egbert was the only son of Larry A. Egbert and his wife Nettie Woods born in 1963 and was schooled at least partially in the Ten Sleep school system.  He was the grandson of Brooks and Eula Waln Egbert, long time residents of the Ten Sleep—Spring Creek area.  He was killed in his senior year when a group of youth gathered to celebrate the end of the school year—his death was left as accidental.   (This is a recollection so if someone has a real copy of his obituary or a news clipping of the event, it would be much better.)  He was survived by his parents and three sisters: Barbara Hughes, Sandra Richard and Janet Egbert. 


Memories:  I undertook this because I knew his father Larry in T.S. high school and he was a wonderful, virtuous young man and I couldnŐt look at his sonŐs early demise without feeling sorrow for them. Fvb