The following was researched and compiled by Faye V Bell (SLC) 2015

Arthur P Evans was born 7 September 1920 in Sebastian, USA  to Cornelius E and wife Susan Evans.  According to 1920 U.S. Census the family were living in Ft Bridger, Wyoming.  The Evans family had a nephew Raymond living with them and several siblings:  Edward, Henry, Grant, Harold, and Wanda. In 1930, the family were in Uinta County at Sulphur Springs.  At this time, they appear to have another nephew and a couple of nieces living with them and they own their ranch.  He was a private in the US Army during WW II.   He died February 15, 1990.


Postscript:  Data was scanty on Mr. Evans.  It would be good to have a newspaper clipping.   Both parents were from Rich County, Utah prior to moving into Uinta County, Wyoming.  The parents were married in 1898.